Lethran (gwyd) wrote in active_progress,

If We Really supported the Troops...

The Republicans are trying to ban all skin mags on military bases. Let me repeat that, they are willing to let people bleed and die for Haliburton, but it's not okay for some guy in Fort Bragg to whack off to Playboy. Because that's really what's destroying America. WTF!!!

Meanwhile, poor bastards in Iraq are begging for things like socks, toothbrushes, and sunscreen. They are begging for bras, tampons, foot powder and lip balm.

Seriously. We are willing to pay big bucks to contractors to defend themselves from sexual assault charges, but we aren't willing to give our soldiers basic toiletries, pens, and stationary.

Not cool. In fact, I'm furious.

So here's what you and I can do on a basic level to make things a little more bareable for men and women in the feild.

Go to http://anysoldier.com/WhereToSend/ and then click on a soldier-contact's name, read the blurb he or she has posted about what his or her unit wants, and then click again to request a form (asking for your own addy and name) to get the appropriate address for that unit. You must not send porn, and you must not send packages that contain both food and soap/sunscreen/etc in the same box. No pork products. No anti-islamic tracts in bulk. No political content. No flea collars. No depictions of naked or partly naked people. No explosives, firearms, other shit that is illegal to mail anyway. Don't send chocolate, it melts. You must request the address to send your package to on the same day you mail it, so it's hard to really meet the requests. I am thinking of assembling a bunch of common cheap items, and boxing them up at the last minute. even someone as poor as me can spring for toothbrushes and lip balm, for crying out loud.

Things particularly in need:
* Personal letters from you.
* Army surplus boot socks.
* Toothbrushes
* Razors
* Gel body-washes
* School supplies and toys. Beanie Babies are extra good being small and hard to break
* paper, pens, pencils for the actual soldiers, tampons
*Varios kinds of underwear by unit.
* The special tee shirts that go well under body armour.
* Sunscreen
* Lip balm
* foot powder anti-fungal foot-spray
* insta soups
* Snack foods like doritos.
* Paper back books
* Microwave noodles.
* 220 volt adapters, and batteries.
* Prepaid telephone calling cards.
* hot sauce
* baby wipes
* canned tuna and cat food
* dental floss
* Powdered drink-mixes, especially 'propel' and 'gatoraide' for mixing with bottled water.
* Shaving cream
* toothpaste.
* Dvds
* PC games for lap tops
* nuts, seeds, granola bars, and dried fruits
* Unscented body-lotion that both men and women can use
* Sports bras
* Tampons and maxipads

Special thanks to il_volpe for helping me put this together.

I hate this war. I hate that my money is going towards it. I feel terrible that people being sent to fight it can't be supplied with the very basic necessities, but there's plenty of money disappearing into pockets of the rich.

These people need our help. They are living in a Hell made by our hands. Seriously. We sent them to the desert without sunscreen.
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