Lethran (gwyd) wrote in active_progress,

Mark Pritchard Attacks NHS Funding for Transgendered Patients

"Tory MP Mark Pritchard has called in Parliament for NHS spending on sex change operations to be switched to other patient care.The Wrekin MP told the Commons yesterday that he was not against sex changes, but they were “a matter of choice”.


It's not a choice so much as a necessity for a lot of Transgendered folk. For many it's a choice between treatment or suicide or a lifetime of depression and dysfunction. Would NHS deny someone who was born without a leg a prosthesis? Would they deny a cancer patient an operation to remove the tumor. Yes, people with milder dysphoria can choose less extreme coping methods, but for some people this is life of death.

I am told there's already a 6 year wait just to start therapy for GID diagnosis in Sheffield. That's not even getting into the wait for medication or surgery if necessary.

Please, those of you in the UK, write in to complain. Let your voices be heard for reasonable treatment for transfolk.
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